Jim Peters… has been such an incredible blessing to pastors and ministries. His front is this amazing voice that God's given him…. but what happens is, as he gets alongside pastors, and he's able to encourage them as a man of God and a man of faith.

Michael Murphy
Member of the National Executive Australian Christian Churches (ACC) in Australia
Director National Church Health

Michael Murphy

Senior Pastor - ShireLive

I have been blessed by Jim Peter’s ministry for the past 20 years and have seen him develop and grow into a powerful messenger of Christ. His music ability is highlighted by his numerous CD releases some of which I have been privileged to air on 2CH in Sydney. His international travels have embraced several continents with the Word of God and when back home in Australia he is welcomed across denominational lines to share Christ’s love through his music and inspirational messages. He has ministered at my fellowship – Heartbeat Church, Coffs Harbour on a number of occasions and is always welcome back when his busy schedule allows.

Wayne Magee

Snr Pastor Heartbeat Church & Former President - The Foursquare Church Australia

Jim Peters
A gentleman.  A prolific singer/songwriter and musician.
A true Australian family man with empathy for his fellow man.
I'm proud to be his friend.

Col Joye


We have had the privilege of having Jim Peters minister at our church on several occasions. Each time lives have been touched by the power of God as Jim led the congregation into worship with his own songs and unique vocal style. His genuine love for people and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is sensed by all as he shares the Word in a simple but effective way.  I personally struggled with health issues for a time and Jim would often phone at just the right time with an encouraging word. I appreciate and recommend the ministry of Jim Peters.

Daryl Marshall

Senior Pastor - Life Church Benalla

Jim Peters' ministry is authentic, anointed, sensitive, and comes with genuine authority.
He is one of God's rich blessings to his church.
Dr Mark Durie
Director Cleansing Streams Australia
Pastor St Mary's Anglican Church
Author & Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities

Mark Durie

Senior Pastor St Mary's Anglican Church

Jim is a great friend and fellow worshiper. A committed family man, he is passionate about seeing the Heavenly Father be praised and honoured on the Earth.  I have enjoyed for many years his consistent musical expression of this passion to see Gods love impact others and also admired his humility and communication skills when teaching and sharing about his journey as a disciple of Christ.

David Holmes

Musician, Songriter and Lecturer at Wesley Institute

Jim Peters has been a long time personal friend and co-worker in ministering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ……..His passion for the Lord is expressed in his heartfelt worship and songs of love to God. Jim has been ministering at Riverside annually  for 3 years now, and every year he brings great blessing and empowering to the body of Christ.

Greg Holder

Senior Pastor - Riverside Church

Jim Peters is first and foremost a lover of God. He carries a strong gift of encouragement, which the Lord uses to bless many across the broad spectrum of ages and backgrounds. Jim is a highly skilled musician song-writer who generously shares his gifts with others. We fell in love with Jim on his first visit to Tumbarumba Community Church, and intend to have him minister as often as possible.

Debbie Gadd

Senior Pastor - Tumbarumba Community Church

I have known Ps Jim Peters & worked with in christian ministry for around 12 years. As a worship leader he is very skilled & is also an able Bible teacher.He is a humble, righteous man who moves well in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. His nature is one of submission to the Church Covering he is ministering for. Jim is generous with his God given talents.

Bill Wyatt

Snior Pastor (CRC) Ex-Director - Cleansing Streams

I have known Jim for more than ten years now, and he is a friend of the congregation I serve.
Jim is a passionate lover of Jesus, worshipping Him in words and music that he writes, and serving the Lord in the proclamation of His word.
Jim is most caring and devoted when it comes to his family, second only to his wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ.
His ministry is consistently tuned to the heart of God.

Rudy Tan

Senior Pastor - FCF Life Centre

Jim Peters is one of the most genuine and sensitive singers/ministers I have ever met. Several times he has been at Wellspring Church and every time his music and teaching gently touches the hearts of everyone in attendance. He has the ability to touch the hearts of many as he prays. He is definitely a minister of the word of God to have visit at you church.

Jim Knarr

Former Senior Pastor - Wellspring Church, Clifton Springs, USA

I have known Jim Peters for more than 15 years and have seen him minister in several different churches, locations and events.  His ministry in music and the word has touched many lives.  He is a difference maker and I count it a privilege to call him my friend.  I have not hesitation in recommending Jim to any church that would love to benefit from his music and ministry

Warren Mortomore

Senior Pastor HopePoint Church

With a great deal of pleasure I wholeheartedly endorse and commend to all the ministry of Jim Peters who for many years has been a dear friend and brother in the Lord Jesus.  On the occasions Jim has visited our church folk have been deeply touched and moved by his  passionate and heartfelt worship, his inspiring songs and music and his anointed ‘in season’ word.  Through Jim’s ministry the Holy Spirit always brings times of refreshment to me and the congregation.

Graham Hoare

Former Pastoral Team Leader Padstow Baptist Community Church

Jim Peters has visited out church several times and has blessed everyone. His heart to Minister the love of God is without question. He willingly sows his heart into your ministry and gives until the last person is happy. He has a beautiful voice and willingly offers to minister in any way that you would like, ultimately Jim loves to serve and worship. So if you want worship led or joined or If you want a man with a passion to see people free and released into who they are in God why not book Jim in. He is A BLESSING TO THE BODY.

Rob Cunningham

Senior Pastor - The The Promise Centre

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