Overview of IJN

IJN is an acronym. The initials stand for "In Jesus Name"

We exist to bring hope into people's lives, and this is not just just a matter of church, but every facet of life.  We currently have no funding base, either, and therefore I (Jim Peters) undertake lead generation assignments to ensure we can go to places and churches based on God's calling rather than whether there is the ability for a church to pay well.  This has resulted in amazing opportunities in Peru, New Guinea, and many regional areas, such as Nyngan & Menindee in far west NSW.

God has given great favour in this area and I have had the privilege to do work in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, New Guinea and the USA...  Following is an overview of the challenges faced by businesses and how they will benefit from our services offered:

Traditional Telemarketing Issues

Overall, telemarketing aims at direct contact with the desired target officers from the prospective client base, but it has not always been considered as effective a marketing approach as it might be.

It is sometimes difficult to manage, not only the outcomes, but also the image of your organisation as presented to a prospective client.

Even if the operator reaches the appropriate person, they will probably lack the technical or business experience, or both

There can be inadequate communication skills

Many key prospects are never contacted or unable to be challenged when they offer an excuse as to why there is no interest

Most telemarketing uses a script, which almost immediately alienates the audience.

Proposed Approach

With sales experience in enterprise software, infrastructure services, application development, network and consulting solutions, along with working as a consultant on web strategies, document strategies and knowledge management, I have over twenty years of success in dealing with decision makers in business and government.  This positions me well to:

    make contact with "C" level and targeted contacts

    relate to their business issues, needs and experiences

    communicate as an equal with the senior people we are trying to reach

    pose the appropriate questions and comments that may spark interest, even after an initial negative response

    develop healthy relationships that can transition into a qualified business opportunities

Key Thoughts For You To Gain Greatest Benefit 

    Who is your market?  Many companies struggle to know what their specific focus is from a perspective of target market and/or service offering.  

    What is your value proposition?  There are ten seconds or so to attract the contact's interest.  What can I present in that time which will reflect what we do as an organisation in such a manner as to attract their attention?

    Do you have a database with accurate contact information?  The greater the credibility with the target audience, the greater the success of the campaign.


    Increased numbers, and Reduced cost, of leads and appointments, Qualified according to agreed criteria, and more likely to result in sales

    No wasted appointments on leads that were provided to make the statistics look good, reducing your internal sales costs.

    More of "the right" contacts will be reached, and they will actually appreciate the interaction with Antares Solutions

    Your sales focus can be on presentations and closing instead of preliminary calls

    Data will increasingly become current and accurate, with the essential information included to plan future success

    Leads will continue to increase in number because of the "nurturing" process, whereby we understand when a client is likely to invest, and strategically place calls at the appropriate time

    You will Project an even higher perception of quality and professionalism 

Provision of continual feedback in reports will provide progressive and cumulative views of the statistical success of the campaign.

Jim Peters – Profile

    38 years experience in professional selling & management , the last 24 predominantly in the IT industry

    17 years in Fuji Xerox – Life Member of Fuji Xerox Presidents club and photo on front of Time International with other life members.

    Several years in Business Development and Business Process consulting around enterprise software development.

    (Australian) National Operations Manager of Delphi Group (Boston-Based Knowledge Management Analyst & Consulting Co)

    Past 12 Years – owned and operated what is now IJN Group – specializing in lead generation, particularly for enterprise software.

     Jim is also the author of two books in this field

              "S For Sales"- a book on profession selling processes, and

                "S4 In The Door" - a book on telephone prospecting for sales

For further information contact:  Jim Peters - jim@jimpeters.com.au


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