Job Got Offended

Job 6:22-7:3

22 Did I say, ‘Provide for me?’

(Or) ‘Offer a bribe for me from your wealth?’

23 (Or) ‘Save me from the adversary’s hands?’

(Or) ‘Pay the price to buy me back[1] from ruthless hands?’

24 Show[2] me and I’ll be silent.

Let me understand how I have gone astray.

25 How painful honest words are!

(But) what are you (trying) to prove?

26 Are you going to correct my words?

Words of (those in) despair (belong) to the wind.

27 Yes, you would (let the lot) fall for orphans

And bargain over your friend.

28 Now, begin to look at me

And (see) if I’m lying to your face.

29 Please turn back.  Don’t be unjust.

Turn back.  I’m still just.

30 Is there any unrighteousness on my tongue?

Can’t I taste the calamities?

Chapter 7

1 Isn’t man (forced) to serve[3] in the land?

(Aren’t) his days like the days of a hired labourer?

2 Like a slave (who) pants for shade,

And like hired labourer who waits for his wages,

3 So I inherited months of emptiness,

And painful nights are assigned to me.


Job was clearly offended.  He reminded his friends that he hadn’t asked for anything or required them to do anything… and, by the way, perhaps they could point out what he’d done wrong to deserve all the suffering that he’d received.  Then Job gave them a serve, well, particularly Eliphaz as he was the only one to have spoken so far.

Didn’t they realise that someone in such despair says things that they don’t mean?  Job asked them to come around and be reasonable.

On the other hand, Job continued to speak out of his depression and hopelessness, saying that he’d inherited months of emptiness and painful nights.

Considering all this it would probably be a good idea for me to listen to people a lot more before I start to give my pinions and advice.  It’s so easy for me to begin to resolve situations before I even hear the whole story, and to cut people down before I allow them to tell me what God is actually doing in them and for them.

I am called to recognise people’s despair and support them, rather than be the judge and critic of all they do.  I’m supposed to be a friend and who am I, after all, to think that I’m doing a better job than anyone else?  How do I know whether a person is going through a trial and doing everything they know how according to God’s ways, or not?


Father God, please teach me how to listen and how to make a difference that will encourage people rather than to bring them down.  I need your wisdom and your words so that what I say aligns with who you are and what you want to do in my life and in those of others.

Fill me Holy Spirit and let your fruitfulness be evident in my life.

IJN Amen

[1] “ransom/redeem/rescue”

[2] “throw/shoot/cast/lay/set/point out/show/direct/teach/instruct/throw water/rain”

[3] “army/war/host/service”

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