God's Kindness --> Repentance

Job 20:11-25

11 His bones are full of his youth,

(But his youth) lies with him in the dirt.

12 Though evil is sweet in his mouth,

He hides it under his tongue.

13 He has compassion on it, won’t leave it,

And he holds it in his mouth.

14 (But) his food in his stomach is changed

Into a venomous snake’s poison inside him.

15 He swallows wealth[1],

(But) will vomit it out.

God[2] will get rid of[3] it from his belly.

16 He sucks poison from venomous snakes,

And the snake’s tongue kills him.

17 He doesn’t look at the streams,

The rivers flowing with honey and butter.

18 He returns (what) he’s earned,

And can’t swallow it.

He can’t enjoy the wealth[4] from his trading[5].

19 He has crushed and abandoned the poor,

And he has seized a house (that) he didn’t build.

20 He didn’t save himself with (the things) he took pleasure in,

Because he knew no quiet in his belly.

21 Nothing remains for him to eat,

And his good things don’t last because of this.

22 He will be bound by the fullness of his prosperity,

And the hands of all who suffer will come to him.

23 He fills his belly,

(Then God) will send his burning anger on him,

And will rain it on him as he eats[6].

24 He runs away from the iron weapon,

(But) the (arrow from) the bronze bow will pass through him.

25 (The bow) is drawn and (the arrow) comes out his back,

The flashing (point) from his gall.

Terror goes with him.


Zophar continued to espouse the judgement that comes against the wicked.  In doing so, he implied that this was the fate unfolding for the very righteous Job.  Zophar’s outlook appears to be a moral judgement based on his sense of justice, rather than reality.  Certainly the wicked deserve to be punished and, ultimately, they will face judgement.  However, God’s kindness leads us to repentance, and repentance leads us to forgiveness and life.  Somehow, it seems to me that God is always hopeful that even the most vile person will turn from sin and accept the free gift of life and righteousness found in Jesus the Christ alone.  After all, we are all wicked without Christ.

My righteousness depends on the reality of me knowing that my Redeemer lives.  My righteousness depends on God and not on me.  My life is hidden in Christ.  It’s no longer me living, but Christ who lives in me.

I need to remember that my hope is in God’s mercy and not my own righteousness.  Out of gratitude for his grace, I should live a life set apart for righteousness and God’s purposes.  But, I don’t have to fear the ramifications of my sin, which has been removed as far as the east is from the west.


Father, thank you that you word is a word of hope and promise.  Thank you that I can rejoice in you and that in your presence is the place I will find fullness of joy.  Please give me wisdom in how I act.  Please give me the right words that will bring your mercy, your grace and your encouragement to others everywhere I happen to be.  Fill me Holy Spirit.  Let your power bring glory to you and not to me.  You are God and I surrender my pride and desires to you.

IJN Amen  

[1] “strong/valiant/mighty man”

[2] Hebrew “’el” – shortened form – “god/God/gods/demons/mighty men/mighty things in nature”

[3] “seize/occupy/dispossess/ruin/destroy”

[4] “strong/valiant/mighty man”

[5] “exchange/substitute/recompense”

[6] “food/something eaten”

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