Fools Aren't Wise

Job 11:12-20

12 A hollow man’s heart will beat faster

(When) the foal of a wild donkey is born human.

13 If you would stabilise yourself inside[1],

And stretch out your hand to him,

14 Put wickedness far away, if it’s in your hands,

And don’t let unrighteousness settle down in your tents.

15 Then you could certainly lift up you face.

You would flow and not fear.

16 You would forget trouble,

You would remember it as water that has past by.

17Your life would stand like the midday sun.

Gloom would be like the morning.

18 You would trust because there is no hope,

You would search and rest securely.

19‑ You would stretch out, no one would make you tremble,

And many would ask for favourable times.

20 The eyes of the wicked end,

There will be no escape for them,

And their hope is to breathe (their last).”


In the same way that it’s impossible for a human to be born to a donkey, so it’s impossible for a foolish person to become wise, said Zophar.  He thought that if only Job was stable and level-headed, everything would be OK for him.  Zophar continued to judge Job by his standards, thinking that he was far superior to Job.

He said that, if Job only would leave his wickedness behind, his troubles would soon pass and be forgotten.  Yes, if only Job trusted in God, he’d be secure and have no fear.

Zophar’s problem was that he was judging Job by his own predefined opinions about who God was and how God would act.  There was no credulity given to the possibility that Job might be righteous, that the furthest thing from Zophar’s thoughts was that Job might be, even for a second, more righteous than he.

I need to have a correct view of who God is in order to have a correct view of how life is. God isn’t anticipating the next thing I will do wrong so that he can jump on me.  But, God is loving, kind, slow to anger and abounding in mercy.

I can only be in a right position with God and others when I realise that its God’s grace and righteousness that makes me acceptable and it’s nothing at all to do with how good I am or what blessing I appear to be living under.


Father, thank you for your righteousness and for your goodness to change me and mature me into what you want me to be.  Please keep me from judging others based upon what I see or upon their emotional state.  Thank you that you choose to use me with all my imperfections in order to do your perfect work.  You’re amazing and I honour you with everything I am.

IJN Amen 

[1] “inside/inner man/heart/mind”

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