Can't Tell A Book By It's Cover

Job 15:15-24

15 Sure enough[1], he doesn’t trust his holy[2] (ones),

And the heavens aren’t pure in his eyes.

16 Surely he (also won’t trust) the detestable and corrupt –

A man who drinks unrighteousness like water!

17 I’ll tell you, listen to me.

I’ll describe[3] what[4] I’ve seen…

18 What the wise have been told,

And haven’t hidden from their fathers.

19 To who alone the land was given,

And no stranger passed among them.

20 The wicked (have) labour pains[5] all the time[6],

And the years stored up for the ruthless are numbered.

21 Sounds of terror are in his ears,

And the destroyer comes on him (when) he’s (enjoying) peace and prosperity[7].

22 He doesn’t believe he’ll come back from the darkness,

And he’s watched, (so that he can be killed by) the sword.

23 He wanders around for food, saying, ‘Where is it?’

He knows a dark day is at hand.

24 Trouble and distress terrify him,

They overpower him like a king ready to attack,


I need to remember that this was Eliphaz speaking.  He said that God didn’t even trust the angels, that heaven wasn’t pure, and that therefore he was hardly likely to trust an unrighteous and corrupt man like Job.  The implication was that anyone could see who the wicked were, because they were always in pain, fearful and disaster came upon them unexpectedly.

However, I know that this isn’t the case with Job, because I can’t get away from this fact… that Job was the most righteous man alive, which is what God said.  God doesn’t put more pain on people because they’re guilty and wicked.  We’re all guilty and wicked unless we have come under the saving blood of Jesus.  It’s God’s kindness and the fact that he doesn’t give us what we deserve that leads us to repentance.

I’m a little concerned that my title might become “friend of Job.”  Job’s friends were judgemental and critical of Job.  Yet, they didn’t have the character or the righteousness that Job had.  I need to be consciously aware that those I speak to may indeed be doing MUCH better in God’s eyes than I am, even though they look ungodly to me.

My role is to bring God’s good news of love, grace and forgiveness through Christ Jesus, not to point out how bad people’s lives are because of their unbelief or sin.


Father, please help me to have your attitude toward people.  Please let me see them through your eyes, and to bring your healing balm to their pain rather than twisting the knife in their backs.   Please give me the right heart, the right words and the right attitude to minister your grace and love to a hurting world.

IJN Amen  

[1] “behold/though/lo/if”

[2] “apartness/sacredness/holiness/holy place”

[3] “count/recount/take account/rehearse/scribe”

[4] “this”

[5] “anguish/bring forth/give birth/labour/shake/swirl down/travail/tremble/wait/wound/wounded, writhe.writhe in anguish/writhe in pain”

[6] “days/time”

[7] “Salowm” in Hebrew means much more than just peace. It means “wholeness/completeness/satisfaction/blessing/peace/prosperity/safety/pleasant circumstances...”

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